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Katherine Ni, DMD, MS, PC
Periodontics and Dental Implants



I'd like to take just a couple moments of your time to share my thoughts regarding my positive experiences with Dr. Green.

I first came to his practice prior to getting a dental implant. My implant preparations required a bone graft and other gum work. Needless to say, I was nervous and a bit apprehensive. From the very beginning, Dr. Green and his extraordinary staff put me at ease and took the time to answer all the questions I kept coming up with. I was impressed with how everything was handled; from the beginning post-op. I never felt rushed or that I wasn't important. Dr. Green clearly explained what was going to happen, the timeframes and yes, even my responsibilities. In my opinion, his dental skills are first rate. I was very pleased with the results of his work.

It goes without saying that when I needed some additional periodontal work on other teeth, I didn't hesitate to see Dr. Green. I knew he would take care of me in the same caring and professional manner as before and I was right. He and his capable staff took care of me and my problems. I would highly recommend Dr. Green. If you need periodontal work, please don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Rich E.

When my dentist told me that he recommended I have a gum graft and was referring me to Dr. Green, I felt a bit anxious as it sounded like a painful procedure. After meeting with Dr. Green and his professional staff I felt a lot more comfortable with the idea. The area had deep recession, but Dr. Green was confident that he could successfully repair it. I had the procedure done with very little discomfort. Dr. Green and his assistant made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I also appreciated the personal follow up call that evening to make sure everything was fine. The graft turned out great. I have since had another graft done on the other side of my mouth with the same results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Green and his staff for periodontal procedures.

Thomas K.

Hello Dr. Green,

I am so delighted that we were recently referred to your office for my daughter’s gum care. As she has grown into a pre-teen, she has continually struggled with over-growth of her gums, negatively impacting her oral health and personal appearance. Since you have performed the surgical procedure to reduce her gum tissue, she has made remarkable improvement in her oral care and we are so pleased with the incredible transformation in her appearance and her self-esteem. She came home on picture day at school recently and said, “I actually smiled, mom. I never smiled for a picture before, but I love my smile now.” You and your team are so caring and devoted to your patients. It means a lot to a parent to have their child treated with such respect and compassion by someone who is caring for their health and our family. I will highly recommend you to others in need of a gum specialist. Thank you very much!

Michelle B.
(Emelia’s mom)

As a child I had no dental care until I could babysit, mow lawns, etc. to pay for it myself. So you can imagine that, by the age of 78, I've seen many dentists...fillings, pulled teeth, crowns, and then a "partial" (which I hated!). Then my family dentist sent me to Dr. Green. Of all the dentists I've known, he is the best! He gave me an implant, and I threw away the partial! He is not just a great dentist, but one of the nicest, most caring men you will ever meet. Trust me...I know what I'm talking about, and that means you can trust him to do a great job for you with a sincere, caring demeanor. You will be happy with the results. I am!

Aleda L.

Dr. Green and staff,

I would like to thank you Dr. Green and your staff for a wonderful first time implant surgery experience. I was a bit nervous coming into the office for my consultation knowing I had to have something done and not quite sure which choice to make. Dr. Green, thanks for showing me the video and taking the time to explain the whole procedure, it made my decision easier. You gave me the options and I chose to have the dental implant. The surgery itself was not half as bad as I had imagined. It all went well and I am so happy to this day that I made the choice to go with the implant. It was like having my real front tooth back again. I would do it again if I ever need another one. Dental implant surgery is a choice, and one that I'm glad I made. Thanks again for the expertise you have shown as a doctor and the care you have shown me as a patient.

Cathy C.

To: Dr. Green, Trish, and Staff,

Thank you all for turning a pre-anticipated stressful day into an "ALMOST" Joyous pleasure! You made me feel special and Trish..the vaseline lip care is the best!

Thanks again,
Linda H.

Thanks for your care and patience with the surgery, the healing, and the final steps. You always take time to thoroughly explain the entire process. I appreciate that. Thanks for your caring concern. It is wonderful to get a call from Dr. Green after a procedure. It helps with answering my questions. I feel confident that Dr. Green and his staff do their very best.

Barbara S.

A few years ago I went to a Periodontist about my receding gums. My gums were in bad shape, just looking at them it looked like you could see all the way down to the root. I had them repaired, but a few months later, you could see the repair did not work. I went to find a second opinion that is how I met Dr. Green and his staff. He was able to fit me in and repair my gums. He takes a lot of pride in his work and cares a lot for his patients. It has been a few years since my repair on my gums by Dr. Green and it still looks GREAT!! I am so happy with the outcome. I would reccommend Dr. Green to anyone. Thank you so much.

Patricia R.

SO FAR--SO GOOD!! Everything was explained well by Dr. Green. Procedure was painless, surprisingly so in fact. No swelling, no pain flares experienced (fibromyalgia) which I expected. Fear factor going in for consult was high on arrival and low on departure. Pleasant, accommodating, and funny staff. The only thing I don't like is having my picture taken :) and that is no big deal if it helps document or help teach. I don't like my picture taken when I think I look nice, lol, so no reflection on your assistant, she's great and everyone is very gentle.

With appreciation,
Sally W.

I was referred to Dr. Green because of a infection with my tooth. My tooth was extracted and I also needed an implant and bone graft. The surgery went very well with minimal pain the following day. The doctor and staff were very professional. I had a very pleasurable experience.

Larry A.

I had a tissue graft done on the front of my tooth. The staff explained everything about the procedure. The staff also made sure I was comfortable during the procedure, whether providing a stress ball or music to listen to. My recovery time was short. I had several follow up visits to make sure the procedure worked. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Green.

John G.

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Easy going - made me feel comfortable about what they were going to do. Honest about what needed to be done. A+

Katie H.